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What if I already have a website?
Many people are not happy with the current design of their website. With a DIGICARD™ affordable website package you can give your current site the professional looking makeover it needs. And since you already have all the elements you need in place, like photos and the text, your re-design will go quicker than if you were starting from scratch.

Do I have to own a business to get a website?
It's true that DIGICARD™ affordable website is a great marketing tool for businesses that want to add to their use of print ads, flyers or brochures, but individuals can benefit as well. Artists, Actors, and Models have all benefited from the power of a DIGICARD™ affordable website package!

How come a DIGICARD™ affordable website package is so inexpensive?
We make our money on the volume of websites we produce, providing a quality Internet presence to those who otherwise would not be able to afford a website.

What's the catch?
No catch! In today's economy, now more than ever it is important to get the most for your advertising dollar. But again, you must have all your needed content files, in their proper file formats in order to take advantage of our low package prices.

What does " Proper File Format" mean?
All the text or copy that you will be using on your site must be already written, spell & grammar checked and saved as an MS Word file (.doc or .rtf). Additionally, any photos or logos you will be using on your site must be saved as a JPG or GIF at 72dpi.

What else do I need?
You'll need a web address or URL (www.yourname.com) and a Hosting Server. Some of our packages do require you to utilize our web hosting/maintenance service. Your name can be reserved by logging onto www.networksolutions.com. If you need help obtaining your web address, simply give us a call.

What if I don't have a web address, web host, or content and photos in their proper file formats?
Additional fees apply but they are very reasonable, see our price chart if you need these services.

How do I know a DIGICARD™ affordable website package will get my message across?
A website is like having a storefront to the world! With recent tragic events, the Internet is experiencing an incredible boom in use. With the Internet's power and convenience, more people are doing their shopping and information gathering from the comfort and security of their own home. Having a website is now more important than ever. Your website provides your customers with 24/7/365 access to your information. With that type of coverage we're certain your message will reach your customers!

What if my phone number or address changes after I've already purchased a DIGICARD™ affordable website package, or I want to expand my website?
DIGICARD™ is committed to providing its customers with the utmost in Value, Quality, & Service. We provide our customers with inexpensive maintenance. So there is no need to re-do your whole project!

How long does it take to get a DIGICARD™ affordable website package?
These packages usually take between 10- 14 business days from the time we receive your files in their proper formats and process your order. Larger websites can run up to 4 weeks.

How do people find my website on the Internet?
At no extra cost to you, we make sure your site is properly Meta-Tagged, so search engines can find your site and list it on their service.

What are meta tags?
A meta tag provides information about a Web page. Meta tags do not affect how the page is displayed, but provide information about the content of the page and which keywords represent the page content. Search engines use the information in meta tags to build their indices. Meta tags can help improve your placement in search engines and can therefore help increase traffic to your Web site.

Why get a website when I already advertise in local papers?
It's all about value. Remember that most periodicals are gone after a few days. With a website your customers have 24/7/365 to read and see what you are all about.

Why get a website when I'm already listed on a portal service?
Again, it's all about value. Portal services give you a brief mention on their sites, like a listing in a phone book. Your own website gives you the ability to thoroughly explain what it is you do or sell! Plus with the ability to show photos and offer savings coupons, you chances of increasing sales are almost guaranteed.

How will we know it's working? (gauging your success)
When you host your site with us we provide you with the best tracking software available. You'll be able to track how many people visit your site per day, week & month! And if you have a COUPON on your site that visitors can print out, you'll be able to further track your site's success.

What do you mean by gaining a "21st Century Marketing Advantage"?
The Internet is how business will be done in the 21st Century. Make no mistake about it; your competition is already increasing sales with a website. You should have one too!

Why should we switch our advertising dollars to a DIGICARD™ affordable website package?
Don't switch; combine a website with your current marketing strategy. Our LOW price fits nicely into any budget so you'll get an additional 52 weeks of advertising exposure without going over budget. It's another opportunity to gain new customers & increase business. You really can't afford not to have your own website. When you compare quality and savings you won't find a better value anywhere!

How can I get a DIGICARD™ affordable website package?
Simply contact your sales representative (the person who contacted you) via their phone or e-mail or, call our office at 631.592.0198. And if you are outside the NY Tri-State area, call us toll free at 1.877.499.8716. An operator will be standing by ready to assist you.

Do you take credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX.

So what are you waiting for?
For less than the price of a print ad in a local WEEKLY paper, we'll have you on the Internet 24/7/365!

Further questions visit our Contact Us page.

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