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Right now DIGICARD™ is offering great savings on their Corporate DVD Trailers. Only a few years ago these informative 3 to 5 minute trailers cost between $15,000 and $25,000 to produce. These are the same high quality productions Hollywood uses to promote upcoming films, and the Automobile Industry uses to promote their vehicles at trade shows!

Your completed project will be slick, polished and professional. Content will be presented in a concise and ordered fashion so viewers absorb all your important information. DIGICARD™ uses state of the art editing software and techniques required to accent your company's message.

Appropriate bed music and voice-over narration is utilized to further spotlight the information contained within your production. All post-production editing techniques stay within the acceptable parameters for a Corporate DVD Trailer so as not to distract the viewer from your content.

Recent advancements in both production and post production technology have made this once expensive service, affordable to all! Now, every business can afford to use this powerful marketing tool! Isn't it time you invest in a Corporate DVD Trailer?

One on site consultation with our video producer and director. At this meeting we sit with your management /advertising team and gather all the information we will need to storyboard your project.

While at your facility we also collect any ancillary materials you have that may be useful in the production of your video trailer. Including:

  • Printed Materials (logos, menus, testimonials, brochures etc.)
  • Photos (product, staff, clients etc.)
  • Stock Footage You May Already Have

One day of on site production. Our director and camera crew visit your facility to capture the footage we need to produce your video trailer. Typically we are on site for 4-6 hours. While at your facility our crew takes care of everything! Including:

  • Direction
  • Video (shot on DVCAM! - These are commercial grade cameras costing over $13,000, not cheap handy cams like others offer)
  • Sound
  • Lighting

Here is where our talented team of producers and editors go to work! All the elements that go into the making of your trailer are brought together to produce your professional 3-5 minute video trailer. Including:

  • Narration Scripts
  • All Voice-Overs
  • Titles
  • Royalty Free Music Tracks
  • Editing
  • All Your Contact Info


Upon completion of your Corporate DVD Trailer, we provide you with one (1) master DVD and 100 copies of your project. Use your master to make as many additional copies as you wish.

Send a copy out with your current marketing material to garner business or investment, use it as a source for your next TV commercial, loop it as a promo piece at your next trade show or have us prepare it for an online presentation that streams from your website (additional fees may apply).

Be sure to ask us about our affordable replication services,
custom printed DVD jackets and DVD mailers!

Additional fees for travel and lodging may apply for those businesses outside the Long Island, NY promotional area. Additional fees apply for logo design, replication, custom printed DVD cases/jackets, custom music and conversion for website streaming. For a complete list of additional fees, simply call our office for a FREE phone consultation.

Production schedule is limited so call today! 1-631-412-3686
or e-mail us at info@digicardtm.com

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