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What can DIGICARD™ do for you? Check out some of the sample links below then spend a few moments educating yourself on the pricing of other Web Design sources.

When you factor in their expensive monthly maintenance contracts you'll find our pricing is less than 1/2 of what other sources charge!

"I just looked at the website and I'M DIGGING IT BIG TIME!!! Good eye. Good format. Nice looking site and neat. Colors kick ass. You followed the color scheme to the tee. Thanks for a great job and awesome web design"
Paul Bond (www.paulbond.tv)

What a difference. I liked our old site but this one is soooooooo much nicer. I love it and so does Jim!! We think it is great, Jim was really super happy!
Hampton Stair & Rail (www.HamptonStairandRail.com)

See A Sample of A Re-Design

"The site looks great, and I love the slogan you coined for us"
Cecilia Buzzell (www.buzzellchiropractic.com)

"I wanted to write a note to everyone. I have had one of my web sites redesigned. I have been delighted by the service, professionalism, and quality with the webmaster who constructed the site. If anyone seeks a website or needs one redesigned contact DIGICARD™. They do such a variety of work for real estate agents, restaurants, contractors, auto shops, landscapers and much more...I HIGHLY recommend them!"
Nick Vourakis (www.HomebizNow.com)


"Wow...This is gorgeous! I can see that it's become a labor of love!!! I can't tell you what it means to me that you have taking on this project with such zeal, however I knew you would.
Teena Hall - Writer / Actress (www.teenahall.com)

"Awesome job!...Thanks soooo much."
Andrea Feingold (www.knollfarm.com)

"The sites look awesome, especially for the rate you charge. The client gets a big bang for their buck. Your sites are focused and not packed with too much of "this and that." Slick, simple and functional. That's my preference... sites that function properly and look good. Good work!"
Raymond L. Ovetsky - President (www.E1ltd.com)

"Love the site! You did a great job! The photos look so good. You did a great job putting them together. This is mostly new to me, I have to say I have learned a thing or two. Thank you for your patience. I love the work!"
Karen Britton (www.karenbritton.com)

"The site looks fantastic. I really appreciate all of your help, direction and efforts Ray. You're one of a kind and I admire all that you do."
John Scarpulla (www.johnscarpulla.com)

"I can't believe how many hits I've gotten since you redesigned my site, and how many in the last 7 days!! It's time I take this a little more seriously. So it's official…I'm a believer in the Power of the Internet! Since I put my web address as a signature in all my e-mails, people have been commenting on how great the site looks. Thanks for all your help and hard work."
Ozzie Melendez (www.ozziemelendez.com)

"Thanks so much for your input and for helping spread the word - I will send a CD and head shot."
Anton Fig (www.antonfig.com)

"Thank you so much. I enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to working with you on this project. It is always exciting when you find someone who understands your vision and is on the same page. Thank you for all your time and effort."
Patricia Daughn (www.patriciadaughn.com)

"I got over 300 visits in last 3 days. I also made a connection with an original Vietnam Combat Artist with original artwork done in the heat of battle. He wants to lend me his work for my lectures. How awesome would it be to have original combat art available by THE ART OF WAR! Thanks again for all your help."
Frank Romeo (www.vietnamartwork.com)

"I checked the site as soon as I came in. We are very happy with it. It looks fantastic!"
Diane Dixon (www.salesserviceparts.com)

Our monthly maintenance fee is only $45 an hour. No expensive maintenance contracts to worry about. Billed in 1/4 Hr increments you only pay for maintenance if and when you need it!

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